At the new U.P. Home & Garden Show, we have decided to let multiple non-profits into the show. We realize, as a non-profit ourselves, that 2020 has been very hard for non-profit associations. Stay tuned for more details!

2021 Charities

MISS Dig 811

MISS DIG System, Inc. is a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation that operates as the Underground Utility Safety Notification System for the entire state. MISS DIG 811 has received over 26 million locate requests resulting in nearly 277 million transmissions since 1970.

MISS DIG 811 provides this free service to homeowners, excavators, municipalities and utility companies via our web based locate requests- and, or by placing a toll free call to 811 or 800-482-7171. MISS DIG 811 processes that locate request by contacting our over 1,700 members, who then come out and locate their facilities. The mission of MISS DIG System, Inc. is to safeguard the public, environment, property, and utility infrastructures and promote utility damage prevention through a quality, cost-effective process for our customers.

Last year MISS DIG 811 contracted to have the Educational Mobile Unit (E.M.U.) created. The E.M.U. was made for the purpose of educating the public on underground safety. However, in the process we were able to create some educational fun too. The Educational Mobile Unit will be performing in public for the first time in 2021 and will be at the U.P. Home & Garden Show!

One of our most influential members of our communities are our children and we wanted to engage these young ones in the fun of learning about becoming Underground Superheroes.

The E.M.U. has many learning activities to engage everyone, young and old, using videos, hands on activities, virtual reality, corn hole and plinko games. We created a coloring book and a passport to move the learner through a variety of activities to finally be awarded the prestigious title of Underground Superhero.

The Education Mobile Unit was created to travel throughout the state to bring awareness to buried underground utilities and how each and everyone of us can be a superhero in our own neighborhoods.

We travel upon request to schools, annual meetings, home improvement stores, local neighborhoods and much, much more. Look for us in a neighborhood near you or contact us for a visit from the E.M.U. at  [email protected].

Knights of Columbus Council #6447

The Knights of Columbus was established in 1882 by Father Michael McGiveny  to bring financial aid and assistance to the sick, disabled and needy members and their families. This work continues to this day as our fundraising provides assistance to those who suffer from intellectual disabilities.   We have supported Lake States industries and the Willow Farm therapeutic riding program among others. Our Council 6447 is very active in furthering the support of charities who provide services to those in need. They will be raising money once again, this time at the U.P. Home & Garden Show!

Trillium House

Trillium House welcomes hospice patients from the central U.P. who need a safe and comfortable home at the end of life.  Our house becomes their home and our care givers take on the role of extended family helping with the everyday needs.  Resident families can then focus on the time they have together with real peace of mind. The Trillium House will be raffling off a beautiful homemade quilt at the show this year! Stop by their booth and grab some tickets but also talk to them about your loved ones if this is a service you need for them!

Professional Women in Building Council

The Professional Women in Building Council is a council within the Home Builders Association of the Upper Peninsula. NAHB Professional Women in Building is the premier professional organization that provides strategies and solutions for professional women in the building industry. PWB provides women in the building industry with the professional advantage necessary to succeed and excel and gives women who are members of our council many opportunities for leadership at the regional and national levels. It provides networking and educational opportunities, legislative awareness and outreach, and professional and personal development. PWB is not gender specific and men are welcome to join as well. Stop  by their booth to get in on some great raffles for a Home & Garden Basket,  A safety Basket and more!

Start the Cycle

Start The Cycle is a group cycling program in Marquette County that introduces youth to a life full of success through winter fat tire biking and summer mountain biking. The group’s trained mentors provide the structure for participants to achieve goals to cultivate a sense of belonging and resiliency. STC’s long-term mission is to help ensure more positive outcomes for families of need and connect them to other community resources. The team practices weekly and through team-building activities they emphasize the value of teamwork, achievement through effort, the need for boundaries, establishing goals, and planning to achieve those goals. By providing positive experiences for participants, other objectives of the program include: improving the youth’s grades in school, expanding social skills, and building trust. Start The Cycle’s recently completed study (in conjunction with NMU, MSU, and MTU) shows an increase in social-emotional and psycho-emotional factors for youth in the program throughout a 16-week summer season. Start The Cycle started in 2013 and is a registered non-profit organization. Start the Cycle will be raffling off a Surly Big Easy E-Cargo Bike.

South Shore Fishing Association

South Shore Fishing Association is a dedicated group of fishing enthusiast who are focused on the wellbeing of our local fisheries and fishing community. Our members engage in multiple events throughout the year to preserve and maintain the quality of our local fishing experience.

We are dedicated to the development of our fishing youth through programs that encourage our local kids to get outside and enjoy the sport of fishing. We hold an annual kids fishing day and provide the kids with a rod and reel package that they can enjoy that day and take home for future fishing trips. We also organize a woman’s and kids fishing tournament on Lake Superior to further extend their experience to the great lakes.

We are thankful for all of those who have served our great country and want those veterans to have the opportunity to enjoy Lake Superior as well. We show our thanks each year by volunteering our boats, gear, and time to take out over 150 vets fishing on Lake Superior. Our community shows their support by attending a boat parade in lower harbor where the vets can be appreciated and show off their catch of the day. We wrap up the day with a pig roast for the veterans and their families.

We are conscious of the sustainability of our local streams, rivers, brooks and lakes. We pick a tributary each year and clean up the trash along the banks and river bottoms. We feel the fish should have a natural clean environment to reproduce. We also believe it’s important to clean up the beaches in the spring as well. We are engaging in a program to help clean up under the water during the summer harbor cleanup efforts organized by local divers.

We also feel it’s important to have a little fun and provide a little competition for our fishing community. Annually we hold a spring and fall fishing tournament where our members, and other local fisherman, bring their best to the harbors in hopes to take home some great prizes and bragging rights. Recently we added an ice fishing event to our calendar in an effort of extending that experience to the winter months. The SSFA will be selling raffle tickets for a 4 Wheeler, memberships, Corporate sponsors and raising money for Kids and Vets Day!

The Home Builders Association of the U.P., the HBA, now the sole coordinator of the U.P. Home & Garden Show, formerly the U.P. Builders Show, is a non-profit association dedicated to supporting and protecting the building industry, specifically residential building. The local, state and national building associations fight together to make housing more affordable for not only the builders, but for the homeowners as well. Stop by the HBA booth to grab a flyer on the Red Flags of hiring contractors and also to get in on  the BIG CASH raffle!

The HBA is also an excellent resource to call when you are looking for someone to do work on your home or even help build your dream home, sell the one you are in and more. There are scholarships given every year to students going into the trades. Check out more information on the HBA at

Past Charities

Contact Information

If your charity/non-profit organization would like to be considered, please contact:

Sarah Foster
Executive Officer
Home Builders Association of the U.P.
[email protected]

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NMU Superior Dome
1401 Presque Isle Ave
Marquette, MI 49855

Lake Superior Life Care & Hospice - 2019 Marquette Builders Exchange Charity/Non-profit organization
“I remember the excitement when we were called and asked if we would accept a nomination to be the Marquette Builders Exchange’s 2019 non-profit! And then, when we were called with the good news that we had been chosen! It was a great event. It gave us the opportunity for exposure in the community that we might not otherwise have had – it allowed us to share our story and all the work we do in the community--from our core hospice service, to adult day services, to our caregiver support group, to our community bereavement program. It was especially warming when some of the past families we served would introduce themselves and share a memory or two. Or, the woman who introduced herself and said the family was familiar with us and again seeking services. Our thanks go to the Marquette Builders Exchange for giving us this opportunity to be in the spotlight for a day or two, and to graciously supporting us with a $500 donation.”

- Sue (Kitti) Rutkowski, Executive Director

Special Olympics, Area 36 - 2018 Marquette Builders Exchange Charity/Non-profit organization
"Area 36 of Special Olympics Michigan was blessed to be chosen as one of the charities for the 2018 UP Builder's Show. This opportunity was a stepping stone to many new relationships from businesses that are part of the MBE family and also from the general public. Being an organization that is 100 percent volunteer based and dependent upon donations for the athlete programming, this showcase opportunity to share our mission was priceless along with the opportunity to fund raise during the show. Thank you again MBE for your support!"
-Pam Bahrman, Area 36 Director

Michigan Foster Closet, Marquette County Branch - 2017 Marquette Builders Exchange Charity/Non-profit organization
"Being a part of any community event helps us get our word and information in the hands of people that may not otherwise hear of the great things we do. We are a nonprofit and any help with resources is an extremely exciting thing for us! We were so happy to be a part of the UP Builders Show and hope to be invited to attend again in the future."
-Jackie Van Oss Judd, Manager

Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS) - 2016 Marquette Builders Exchange Charity/Non-profit organization
"UPAWS was fortunate to be included in the Builders Show in 2016 and it was a great experience for all of us that were involved. At that time we were fundraising for the new shelter we were planning to build and it was a wonderful opportunity to speak to our UPAWS supporters about what we hoped to accomplish. We answered lots of questions, got people excited about helping us, and sold lots of UPAWS t-shirts!"
--Karen Rhodes, UPAWS Fundraising Committee